Correcting the Lineage of Elizabeth Gorby and Isaac Gray

Correcting the Lineage of Elizabeth Gorby and Isaac Gray

Another proof that anecdotal evidence often fails in the face of actual research.

Elizabeth Gorby generation IV (daughter of Job, son of Thomas, son of Samuel) married Isaac Gray in Wheeling, WV in 1818 and then moved to Morgan Co, OH.  That part of Morgan is now part of Noble Co, OH.

From marriage record image at
“This is to certify that the Rite of Marriage was celebrated between Isaac Gray and Elizabeth Gorbey on the 8th day of October 1818 agreeably to the laws of Virginia by me
Amos Barnes
A Copy Teste Wm Chaline Jr. C. O. C.”

Elizabeth died in 1836 at the age of 40 and Isaac married Adeline Jones in 1837.  He then moved most of his family to Iowa where he shows up on the 1840 census, then Missouri, then ultimately to Greene Co, IL by 1860. Between Missouri and Illinois, all of the children from his first marriage moved back to Noble Co, OH.

According to the book on the Gorby Family published in 1936, Isaac Gray and Elizabeth Gorby had three children. They actually had six children, then Isaac and Adeline Jones had another three.

The Gorby Book stated that Isaac and Elizabeth’s son William:

Married a Fowler.
He had 2 children:
Eliza Ann Gray
Unnamed Daughter Gray

The book also stated their son Joseph Garrison Gray had 7 children. Three of them are listed as:

Lemuel Gray.

Hannah Gray who married John Hamilton.
She had 2 children:
Isaac Hamilton who married Augusta Lyons.
Siddie Hamilton who married John Elder.

Mary Ann Gray who married Adam Hamilton.
She had 1 child:
Jack Hamilton who married Sadie Gander.

The source for this information was David Gaston Gray, who in the early 1930s lived three miles east of Cambridge, OH on Rte 3. He was a grandson of Isaac Gray and Elizabeth Gorby, and was about 70 at the time the book was written.

The problem is, that after doing quite a bit of research, I can tell you that all of this information is incorrect.

First Problem:

William Gray did not marry a Fowler.  He married Deborah Delong, daughter of Samuel Delong and Jane Fowler.

1850 Census, Noble, Morgan Co, OH pg 32:
William Gray, 30
Debom Gray, 26
Francis Gray, 4
Eliza A Gray, 2
Louisa Gray, 5/12
Garrison Gray, 20 <–brother

On the same census (also on pg 32), William and Garrison’s brother David Gray was living with William’s Delong in-laws:

Samuel Delong,  51
Jane Delong,  46
David Gray,  23

William’s wife Deborah died prior to 1860 (as apparently did his son Francis).  William moved to Greene Co, IL and is listed on the census that year living with his father.

At the same time, his daughters Eliza and Louise are living with their maternal grandparents (the same family their uncle David was living with in 1850).

1860 Census, Center Twp, Noble Co, OH, pg 12:
Samuel Delony, 62
Jane Delony, 53
E A Gray, 12
Alice Gray, 10

Second Problem:

Garrison Gray had six children.  The eldest was born in 1857 and all were born in either Idaho or Oregon.  The three mentioned above are not his children, but are his siblings.

Garrison Gray was born in 1830 (multiple census data and a biographical sketch published in 1902).

Lemuel Gray was born about 1823 (multiple census data) and is therefore Garrison’s older brother, not his son.

The Hannah who was married to John Hamilton was born about 1824:

1850 Census, Brookfield Twp, Noble Co, OH, pg 33:
John Hamilton,  28
Hannah Hamilton,  26 [b. abt 1824]
Lydia Hamilton,  6
Isaac Hamilton,   2.

Hannah Gray Hamilton is buried in Scott Cemetery, Noble Co, OH and died in 1858 at the age of 34.

So we find John Hamilton on the 1860 census with just his children:

1860 Census, Brookfield Twp, Noble Co, OH, pg 17:
John Hamilton,  38
Siddy Hamilton,  16
Isaac Hamilton,  11

The Mary Ann who was married to Adam Hamilton was born in 1828.  On the 1850 Census Adam and Mary are living together (and also living next door to his mother):

1850 Census, Brookfield Twp, Noble Co, OH, pg 33:
Adam Hamilton,  26
Mary A Hamilton,  22   [b. abt 1828]

Mary Ann Gray Hamilton is buried in Scott Cemetery, Noble Co, OH and died in 1852 at the age of 24.

So the question then became “Were their maiden names Gray?”  If so, they are sisters of Joseph Garrison Gray.

John and Hannah’s marriage license record is in

“Morgan County, OH Marriage affidavits and records 1840-1849”, entry 1416 (image 28 available at
1842, Dec 15th
John Hamilton to Hannah Gray, Without Oath

Adam and Mary’s marriage record is in:

“Morgan County, OH Marriage records 1840-1853 vol B”, pg 72 (image available at
Hamilton to Grey
The State of Ohio, Morgan County
I do hereby certify that on the 22nd day of December AD 1842, John Hamilton and Hannah Grey were by me legally united in the bands of
Matrimony. Given under my hand this 23rd day of December 1842. Jas S. Delong J.P.

So yes, Hannah and Mary Ann Gray were sisters Garrison Gray rather than his children.

Also buried in Scott Cemetery in 1852 was Alicinda Ann Hamilton, “Daughter of Adam and Mary Ann Hamilton”.

Adam Hamilton then married Susan Burlingham in 1853 and their son Jasper “Jack” Hamilton was born in 1858, so he is not Mary Ann Gray’s son.  He did marry Sarah Ann “Sadie” Gander in Noble Co, OH in 1886.

So THAT straightens out Generation V, the children of Elizabeth Gorby and Isaac Gray, and also quite a bit of Generation VI as well.

They are an interesting group of people.  Many of them (and their descendents) end up living along the Oregon Trail in Idaho and Oregon.  More about them later.

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